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Admission Rules

  • Prospectus does not mean the guarantee of admission.
  • Admission is open to all irrespective of caste, but subject to regulations.
  • Admission will be according to availability of seats.
  • Mid-terms admissions are not made except in transfer cases, subject to the availability of seats.
  • No outside admission in class X is given except transfer cases.
  • It is the responsibility of the parents to collect every information about the test and fees.
  • It is mandatory to submit birth certificate on the prescribed form issued by Registrar of Municipal corporation of the concerned place of birth for admission in Nursery and 1st standard.
  • The new entrants will have to submit the TC issued by the school last attended counter signed by Regional office of that region, failing which they will not be considered as enrolled students.
  • Registration Is Compulsory Prior To Admission.
  • Submission of Migration Certificate for students from Boards other than C.B.S.E. is mandatory.
  • Name and Date of Birth as written in the previous school leaving certificate/birth certificate shall remain final and will not be changed after wards.
  • The school reserves the right to reject and accept the admission.
  • There is a provision of some discount / subsidy in fee in special circumstances if two real brothers or sisters are enrolled.
  • There is relaxation in fee for students who belong to very poor families. If the student will be found doing any indisciplinary activities, misbehave or any other misconduct or break the rules / norms then relaxation in fee will be cancelled.
  • The annual fee can be submitted in a single installment at the time of admission. 


  • Registration Is Compulsory Prior To Admission.
  • There are 110 seats in the hostel. Admission will depends upon the availability of vacant seats.
  • Hostel is available only for boys.
  • To get admitted in the hostel the school will hold an entrance exam., after passing this exam. the student will get a call for interview.
  • Selected candidates will have to provide a medical certificate with fee.
  • The decision of the selection committee will be final and unquestionable. There is another manual available for the aspirants of hostel.

Mode of Payment

  • Fee is charged monthly and must be deposited by the 10th of the due month. Late fee will be charged as under 
  • Rs. 5 per day up to last working day of month.
  • There after the name of the pupil will be struck off automatically from the school rolls, the child will be readmitted on the payment of Rs.500/-.
  • Payment of school dues has to be ensured. No reason or excuse will be entertained.
  • Kindly retain all the receipts of school dues as that helps in removing discrepancies and errors immediately.
  • The fees and other dues are liable to change at the discretion of the authorities as and when the need arises even during the session. Such charges will be effective from 1st April onwards in every session.
  • For details of fees, please contact the office.
  • No fees will be refunded once deposited.

A Request to the Parents

  • Please note that no leave will be sanctioned during examinations.
  • Please send your ward to the school well in time otherwise he /she will be sent back home.
  • Please send your ward in proper school uniform.
  • Please note that the school telephone is for official use only. No students will be allowed to make personal calls. However in emergency due consideration would be kept.
  • Please note that no half-day leave will be granted to your ward. In case of emergency only parents are allowed to take their children from school.
  • Please report immediately to the school office about any change of address or telephone number in writing.
  • Please note that continuous absence for five days without any application will automatically lead to canceling the name of your ward.
  • Only parents should come to discuss the performance of their wards.
  • Please note that no cell phones, electronic gazets be allowed in the school premises.
  • Parents should ensure that students should not bring any objectionable literature.